Geometric Analysis

[4] The 4th Geometric Analysis Festival (scheduled on November 2021)


[3] The 3rd Geometric Analysis Festival (scheduled on July 2021)

Mini courses: Theodora BourniMohammad GhomiPei-Ken HungRamiro LafuenteTobias LammYu LiNatasa SesumCelso VianaYong WeiAlbert Wood.

We shall have a few contributed talks. If you would like to present a talk, please register yourself at the following page, until 15th May.

The themes will include (1) geometric flows and solitons, (2) geometric PDEs (e.g. Ginzburg-Landau equation and Allen-Cahn equations), (3) constant mean curvature surfaces, (4) minimal submanifolds, (5) special Lagrangian and calibrated geometry, (6) isoperimetric problems, (7) other geometric inequalities (including eigenvalue estimates), (8) scalar and/or Ricci curvature, (9) Mathematical relativity. 

[2] The 2nd Geometric Analysis Festival (last updated on 2nd April 2021)

Organizer: Hojoo Lee


Video Abstracts

Questions to Speakers?

Lecture Videos

The Zoom Q and A sessions are scheduled in July.


[1] The 1st Geometric Analysis Festival

Organizer: Hojoo Lee

The recorded lecture videos will be available on YouTube from 31st January 2021. Please, subscribe our YouTube channel. Please, check out video abstracts and program book. If you would like to attend the second Q and A sessions in February, please visit here.


[0] An Invitation to Geometric Analysis at Jeonbuk National University

Fourteen speakers present lectures in differential geometry and geometric analysis. The themes will include geometric flows, geometric inequalities, surfaces with constant mean curvature, and calibrated geometry. The online school and workshop is supported by grants from the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics at Jeonbuk National University. 

Organizer: Hojoo Lee

Lecture Videos on YouTube


  • Reto Buzano  (Università di Torino & Queen Mary University of London)
  • Marcos Petrucio Cavalcante  (Federal University of Alagaos) 
  • Frederick Fong  (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  • Kwok-Kun Kwong  (University of Wollongong)
  • Jaehoon Lee  (Seoul National University) 
  • Martin Li  (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • John Ma  (University of Copenhagen)
  • Jesse Madnick  (National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Jose Miguel Manzano  (University of Jaen)
  • Alex Mramor   (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Dong-Hwi Seo  (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Yong Wei  (University of Science and Technology of China)
  • Chao Xia   (Xiamen University)
  • Eungbeom Yeon  (Seoul National University)